Time to Get a Haircut

Ready for it

When there’s nothing you can control about your life, that’s when it’s time to get a haircut. So it’s that time for me.

I was in a Zoom meeting the other day and both of the other people in the meeting asked if I had gotten my hair cut. Nope: what happened is that I *hadn’t* gotten my hair cut — since November, as it turns out. So it’s time.

The hope is that a fresh haircut will turn me into a different person, even just a little bit. I’ll still get my same haircut — nothing shocking. No one will need to know that the scissors have snipped, not just a few inches off my hair, but also something on the inside of my brain.

Look at All the Shullets

I love my new stylist. She’s a marvel. But wow does she do a lot of shullets. And wow do a lot of people in this town apparently have big-time country western curly hair. Where have they been hiding it all these years? If you were to look at her insta, you’d probably take me aside and say, “Laura, do not go to this stylist. This is not your hair. Please think about this.” But that would be wrong. She does bobs. She’s very good at them. But the thing is, the people getting bobs are apparently not the ones going, “yeah take my picture” at the end of the session. Or maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m the only one in this town still getting a bob. I’m also I’m about 20 years older than everyone else on her feed, so why put myself up next to all of that? I’m not getting a shullet because I can’t. My hair is fine and stick straight, it’s not going to happen. But I’m happy for all the 70s cowgirls out there coming out of hiding. Good for you.

I Might Also Go Skating

I know, I know. Cases are still high. But like, they’re WAY DOWN and descending by the day, and maybe I care less at this point if I die? Like all I’d be missing out on is work, and I already know very well what that is. I’m probably going skating. I’m not sure when. Probably the end of this month. Maybe early March. Soon enough where it still registers that I’m both 1) skating again and 2) have a new haircut. I’ve managed to cut my skate collection down to four over the pandemic. So now I have a choice to make: black, purple, gold, or teal? Or maybe I should add #5 to my pile. I don’t have any Golden Horse skates yet. I don’t even have any Riedells. I also don’t have any idea what else to do with life that would be fun.

So it’s haircuts and skates.

That’s all I got. So here we go.



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